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Taste and see if the wine is good

Vignoble Auxey Duresses

From the gates of Dijon a marvellous course way runs among the celebrated vineyards of Burgundy passing through numerous charming places. There are many historic and artistic treasures to be discovered in these prestigious villages set among the meticulously neat landscape, called the Cote de Nuits and the Cote de Beaune. We will appreciate this areas gastronomic traditions and taste it's rich joyful atmosphere so often recorded in local folk song.

A trip to the ends of the world

This area of Burgundy, running parallel to the vineyards of the Cote, offers a wide variety of scenery, plateau bathed in light, charming villages hidden within small valleys. The population of these villages are almost entirely concerned with the production of small fruits, black currants, red currants and raspberries which are used to produce excellent liqueurs. They also produce vintage wines of Hautes-Cotes de Nuits and Hautes-Cotes de Beaune trade-names. We will discover the fine flavoured Burgundy specialities and experience the warm atmosphere within these remarkable communities.

Back to roots

A case of greenery

Nestled at the base of a solitary green valley at the heart of Burgundy forest, the Abbey of Fontenay appears, a masterful example of a Cistercian monastery of the 12th century. From Alise-Sainte-Reine we will discover the celebrated opidum of Alesia which saw the defeat of Vercingetorix and his army against Cesar in 52 B.C. Bussy Rabutin Chateau plunges one into a rich, joyful atmosphere of courtly life of the Middle Ages, the style and artworks of the house depicting the pursuits of its owners and those of the French Court.

On the Eternal Hill

La Coline Eternelle Vezelay

A revered place of the Christendom and of Western civilisation, Vezelay is a national heritage site. During the middle ages Vezelay was one of the most important destinations of many devout pilgrims. The magnificent Basilica of Sainte-Madeleine, dating from the 12th and 13th centuries, is considered a masterpiece of Roman art. Following the route of Saint-Jacques of Compostelle, we will discover the charming countryside of Auxois and its neighbouring towns and villages as we drive towards the eternal hill.

Lamartine’s Country

From Tournus we are led by the poet Lamartine, through one of the areas richest in roman churches, old villages and natural curiosities. We will also explore the mecca Cluny, which sheds its "light of the world" over Christendom. Awaiting us are the promisingly named wines - Pouilly-Fuisse, Saint-Veran , Vire or Chardonnay, which will suitably complement the fine regional cuisine.

Following the roads of the Dukes of Burgundy

Auxois, a region reputed for its rich green pastures, produces meat of the highest quality from the breed Charolaise. It is certainly one of the most impressionably beautiful regions, as the Medieval city of Semur-en-Auxois testifies with its pink granite rock, while cascading houses and gardens dominate the valley of Armançon. At Saulieu, the gastronomes paradise, we invite you to taste the regional specialities lovingly cooked by its great chefs.

Saulieu, paradis de la gastronomie, nous invite à déguster les spécialités bourguignonnes savamment mijotées par ses grands chefs.

In the steps of the Templiers

Our region marks one of the birth places of the Templiers, an order within the church of the late middle ages where St-Bernard registered the rules which would govern such communities. Leaving behind these sites, crossing rich valleys, archeological treasures of which the most precious is the magnificent vase of Vix, dating from the 5th century B.C. have been discovered here. A land of legends and traditions, it’s another Burgundy waiting to be discovered, a land which reveals an appetising array of flavours.

In the steps of Henri IV

The massif of the Morvan appears to be the formation of an individual continent. Due to the heavy annual rainfall, erosion has moulded a depression which encircles the Morvan, giving birth to a network of streams which nourish the lowlands of the Seine, the Yonne and their tributaries. This austere and wild country, of mild summers and snowy winters, has become a dead-end for its neighbours. It now boasts one of the most beautiful natural parks. Surrounded by mystery and tradition the Morvan invites us to discover its typical flora of heathers and foxgloves, where the local inhabitants will be pleased to suggest their local specialities.

The salute to Napoleon Bonaparte

Saône valley

The Saone valley is a natural independent unit, a place of exceptional flora and fauna. The majestic Saone with its welcoming banks smoothly flows through this richly historic region which still preserves a certain way of life. The romantic countryside where water lovers may encounter through the current, the very rhythm of the seasons, invites us to taste the local specialities and share the simple pleasure of Burgundy.

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